Interview with Docker Captain: Luis Herrera Benitez

Thanks to Luis for accepting our interview.


Derya: Can you tell about yourself?

Luis:I am curious person…maybe because I am islander…I was born in the CanaryIslands. Somehow curiosity took me to study and get Computer Science degree. During my high school times, although i was looking for work as a journalist as a future career, my teachers/family convinced me to study Computer Science because i was good at Software programming even at that time (I helped with the High School software that was used to put the marks) and they said i had talent and should use it there. One thing took me to the other and I´ve found myself travelling the world and work in Korea, Japan,Taiwan, US, Brazil, Colombia….most of Europe on IT projects. I have to admit that I haven’t visited/worked on Turkey yet , so looking forward to visiting you in the near future 😉 i. I am an ex-Googler and ex-VMWARE employee …but don´t hold it against me 😉

Derya: What is your definition of DevOps and how Docker helps to that definition?

Luis: DevOps is about working together and making fast delivery to the customers. Beauty of Docker is to accelerate time2production. I see Docker shift of doing things rather than a technology shift. The philosophy behind it is to run anywhere on any cloud. This is not about containers, this is about innovation, creating toold for mass innovation and empowering developers and operation teams to get innovation  and new ideas really quickly to the end users and experiment. Before operations were more concerning about stability in case a new version should be deployed to the production and you can usually hear “NO!” from them. Most of the time human do not know what they want, and that’s why we need to experiment. After the experimentation, you see the results, you measure and decide whether to move forward. Docker helps for that need a lot. Before we were managing physical servers, later on we began managing Virtual Servers, now we are beginning to manage containers and the next will be you will  manage the innovation.

Derya: What is your routine as a Docker Captain:

Luis: I do Blogging, helping Docker Meetup in Madrid, i am training people for Docker. I publish my posts on Medium.

Derya: What is the production usage of Docker in Spain? Are the companies being involved with Docker?

Luis: We are still in “early-adaptor” phase. There is a huge interest, and it is interesting that the first companies jumped into that is banks and using containers is production to solve different problems. Traditionally, banking industry is not a first-adaptor and applying innovation but because of the “FinTech” pressure, they have to be innovative to protect their market share, keep gaining customers and finding new markets. There is significant players in the market, companies working with Insurance, Finance, Pharmaceutical companies and Research Institutions, Startups being interested with Docker.

Derya: Which current tools/technologies is stressed with Docker?

Luis: I think Docker is gonna kill Virtual Machines. The role of the Operating System will be more abstract. But mostly, it’s gonna change the way of working with software developers, way of deploying applications. I am happy to consult the companies about Docker, because me as a end-customer of those companies will be benefiting of the innovation also.

Derya: What do you suggest to the companies who evaluate using Docker? You can suggest a path, approach, best practices, methodology…

Luis: Set objectives and begin with a PoC(Proof-of-Concept). Pick a team of champions and get them involved, send them to the training and then get this team to do a pilot project with Docker.

Derya: How do you see the future of Docker?

Luis: I think that the tools around building and deploying containers, those little tools like docker machine or now infraKit that allow you to deploy a swarm cluster with only 4 commands.. anywhere! Docker is making our life simpler, so that we can innovate faster. We have unikernels, IoTs(Internet-of-things) ahead of us and it is obvious that there is a lot future for Docker. Machine learning is already playing a role in tools for security and monitoring in the ecosystem..I expect that role to become bigger 😉

Derya: Do you have any message to DevOps Turkey Community?

Luis: Support each other, help each other! use Docker! Don’t get tired of innovating! Think about how you can change the developer world.