About DevOps Turkey

The force is with us…

With a mission to bring awareness to the DevOps community in the country, an organization was founded to help facilitate the dessimation of information on how to go about in increasing agility and help shape innovation to whoever is interested in those ends to shape and transform their organizations.

The community is a volunteer one. We earn absolutely nothing from doing what we do. We do it because we care.

As a none profit organization we agreed to help to form regional chapters with a organizational comittee to help manage the meetups and any other events to help spread awareness. Each chapter thus report to the main body, in this case DevOps Turkey. The first regional chapter is DevOps Istanbul – headed and organized by members of Borsa Istanbul.

Members of the Borsa Istanbul team have been of paramount importance in helping to shape the DevOps movement across the region.

To this extent, other peoples have also made a huge impact in organizing and speaking on DevOps Istanbul events. Notably members of the VNGRS team who have helped the organization grow.

It goes without saying that collaboration is important to us and we remain committed to that.

We have some values and principles to help us maintain our ways:

– Process is important and brings value
– Teams win together and fail together, Teamwork is important
– Tools dont dictate the way we operate
– We sincerely believe that Agile is not DevOps
– Helping others, helps us grow and foster collaboration

The organization is not owned by no one and everyone. This can be somewhat misleading but its flat 🙂 If you have the time and dedication you can join right in and make a difference according to your capacities. We don’t have any hierachies and no one is in charge of nothing and no one manages no one. We are a group of geeks that believe the faltter you are the more can grow. Managing an organization isn’t easy but it runs smooth thru frequent communication and collaboration.

Author: Rommel Tinoco